Tribal butterfly tattoos 8 design wrist small Wrist Tattoos – Initial SmallThere are many options that are available when it comes to small tattoos that can be placed on the wrist. Through the wrist, you can easily fit small initials – and some people even choose to have small words placed on their wrist.

Should you choose to have the design placed on the inside of the wrist, or outside of the wrist? Depending where you would like the tattoo placed, there are certain scripts and fonts which have been created to use a small tattoo.

What can you do to find the design for your tattoo? There are many styles of small tattoos that can be seen, all you have to do is search through the tattoo galleries to find the designs that suit you. You can choose from fancy scripts and modern fonts and even scripts and fonts that include small pictures with the designs of the initials.

Another popular option aside from the initials, which can be placed in the wrist are tattoos which include the zodiac symbol. In fact, there are many girls and women that choose to have the zodiac symbol placed in the wrist, as well as the tattoo and create an intertwined deign of the two tattoos. This option of tattoo is a choice that you can make to create a customized design that can be used to personalize your tattoo.