wrist tattoo Wrist Tattoo Designs for Women Choosing a wrist tattoo design can be simple with the use of hundreds of pictures which are available on the internet that depict various tattoos which are placed on the wrist and the lower arm. Through popular tattoo designs, most women choose to have the tattoo created on the interior of the wrist. This is seen as a girly tattoo and although it may be visible at all times, there are very few designs which are seen as too intrusive to have on the wrist.

When it comes to a wrist tattoo for women, there are certain designs which have remained popular choices throughout the time since the wrist tattoo become popular. One of the most popular types of tattoos that is displayed on the wrist makes use of symbols which are associated with astrology, small lettering and script that can depict certain words or mantras in which the individual has come to know and compare with certain aspects of the personality and even wrist bands which are completed in a tribal design and go all the way around the wrist, similar to how a bracelet would appear on the wrist.

When choosing a wrist tattoo, be sure that the design is delicate enough to remain less conspicuous, as you may find yourself in a situation where the tattoo which can be seen on a regular basis is not desired. For this reason, choosing small tattoos that are present on the inside of the wrist seems to be popular choice for women taking advantage of these wrist tattoos.