wrist tattoo Wrist Lettering TattoosOne of the most popular tattoo designs that can be seen on celebrities, as well as everyday girls and guys are tattoos that make use of lettering throughout the wrist area. Most often completed on the inner wrist, and sometimes the lettering going all the way around the wrist, the options are literally endless when it comes to deciding upon the lettering that is going to be placed within the tattoo. You can choose a phrase, a word, or even initials.

There are many choices that are available to choose from. Perhaps you would like to consider your favorite song lyrics, a quote, a poem or even a title that means something to you. These are perhaps the most popular ways to customize a tattoo that is created on the body as they are going to mean something different to every single person that has chosen to have a word or phrase tattooed on the body.

Although the words and phrases are indeed a popular way of making your own personal statement, why the wrist? The wrist is an area that is highly visisble and most people want a tattoo that is indeed going to make this statement. The wrist is also the perfect size for a small word or phrase to be placed on the wrist and make a statement as a cute, cool and sexy tattoo. There are many celebrities that have chosen to tattoo the wrist, which could also be a reason that the area is so popular.