temporary tattoo ink.jpg Types of Temporary Tattoo InkThere are many types of ink that are used for creating temporary tattoos. Through the popular types of ink that you can choose from, each ink often lasts a different amount of time and some inks can be washed from the skin, while others are expected to fade over time.

Henna is one of the most popular types of tattoo ink and it is created from plant based materials that are ground into a powder. Once these are ground into a powder they are combined with essential oils, or even combined with water to create a paste that is applied to the skin in the shape and form that is created through the tattoo. Once the paste has been dried it will be either removed or fall from the skin and the outline or imprint will be left. This is a great way to get a natural tattoo that dyes the skin and eventually fades after a period of four to six weeks.

Other inks that can be easily removed from the skin are applied to the skin through the use of a film that is adhered to the skin to hold the ink. This is a popular tattoo method for other forms of temporary tattoos and even those that have been designed for children. Through the use of these tattoos, there can be a design that is on the skin that can be easily removed through soap and water or a little baby oil that is used to aid the removal of the film and ink.