the tattoo Tattoos on Wrist WordsMany people love getting tattoos. For them, a tattoo helps to, not only express themselves, but to also inspire. Some people will have pictures of their children tattooed on their arms or chest to help to inspire themselves to achieve success for their family, while others go with simpler ways.

Having words tattooed on the wrist is getting to be more common today than ever. The words vary from person to person but are all intended for the same purpose—to inspire.  The words that are tattooed on the wrist can be anything from a loved one’s name to a Chinese proverb. Most of the popular tattoos are just simple words, such as Believe, Promise, and Love. Latin words such as Carpe Diem, which means “Seize the day”, is also a tattoo that is regularly seen on the wrist.

Whether or not a word tattooed on the wrist is meant to inspire or not, it is nice to be able to look on the wrist and see a word that will help to give the extra push when needed.  Sometimes seeing a word will help to encourage in tough times and remembering why the tattoo was put there in the first place will be a blessing.