408384914 b3dfcd743b Tattoos on Wrist for Men PicturesWrist tattoos are getting more common than they have ever been. In the past, men were usually having tattoos on their upper arms or chest area. Nowadays, the wrist is an ideal location for a small tattoo. There are different designs available for a wrist tattoo that is appropriate for men. Flames, tribal bands, Chinese words, and a yin yang symbol to name a few.

Because of its small size, the tattoo can be usually done in only one sitting. The price range, which is between fifty to two hundred dollars, is considerably cheaper than an arm sleeve tattoo because of the size.

There are only a few downsides to having a wrist tattoo done. It is in a location that is very noticeable and difficult to hide. If the client has a job where having tattoos is not a threat to their career, then a wrist tattoo should not be a problem. It is a painful location to choose as the wrist has barely any fatty tissue. So, if a man’s job is not at stake because of a wrist tattoo and if his pain threshold is on the high scale, then a tattoo on the wrist would be an optimal choice.