Megan Fox RibCage Tattoo1 Tattoos on Side Rib CageEveryone who has ever gone for a tattoo will admit that there is some pain involved.  The pain, however, is measured by the individual’s pain threshold level. However, the most painful place to have a tattoo has been said to be the side rib cage.

The side rib cage is an alternate place to have a tattoo if the back has already been done or if the client wants to be able to admire the work on a regular basis. It is a space that is large enough to accommodate most type of tattoo drawings. Portraits of loved ones, large animals, and pin up girls are very popular to have in this spot.

Many people who have had tattoos done on the side rib cage have said that the pain can be searing, as compared to being cut with a knife. The vibration of the needle as it hits the top of the rib cage is a feeling many do not want to experience again. As it is a large area, the tattoo can take anywhere from four hours upward. Although the pain is great, the rewards are greater and many people agree that having the tattoo on the side rib cage was worth the pain that they had gone through.