1341545788 7917224765 Tattoos of Names On ChestTattoos of names on one’s chest can mean more than one thing. Most commonly seen nowadays are parents, male or female, with their childcare’s name printed in beautiful writing right above the heart. While the chest is generally used as a canvas for other types of designs like flowers, skulls or basically any other imaginable picture, more and more there is an increase in demand for names.

A proud mother or father would select their child’s name and often even the date of birth to put right over their heart as a symbol that they will always be there for their child, and that the child will always be with them and very close to ones heart. “Mom” is still an ever growing choice of tattoo, usually chosen to honour ones mother and to show appreciation towards her. A boyfriend or girlfriend’s name can also be another choice to show ones love for another.

Tattoos of names on the chest tend to vary in costs, depending on the size, color, and if any other design is requested along with the name, in order to make it more unique. Generally, these tattoos range from fifty dollars to one hundred and fifty dollars, again depending on preference.