music sleeve Tattoos of Musical SleeveA sleeve tattoo is when an arm is fully tattooed from the wrist to the top of the shoulder. There are many designs that can be used to accommodate the space allocated for a sleeve tattoo.

Tattoos for a music sleeve tattoo can include anything that has to do with music, from the instruments to musical notes. A sleeve tattoo enables the wearer to convey a story of the musical history that he or she may have experienced. Having a guitar, keyboard, and other instruments tattooed on the sleeve can symbolize the band. Extra symbols can help to define the emotion that is felt for the music itself. For example, a heart can signify the love of the music while a lightning bolt could mean the power of a beat.

There are many reasons why individuals would choose to have a musical sleeve tattooed onto their arms. Personal history, preference or just how it looks is all in the personal choices category. The client must endure many sittings in order to have the entire sleeve filled in so patience is a must for the tattoo loving musical fan. The client must also be prepared for the expense of having this type of tattoo done. The more detail that is desired the higher the price range.