Monica left arm tattoo Tattoos for Women inside Upper ArmWhen an individual decides to get a tattoo, it is usually done after a considerable amount of thought and reflection. There is a lot to consider, such as the type and size of the tattoo, the location, and the pain that is involved.

Women generally have tattoos placed on the arms, legs, hips, shoulders and ankles.  When a woman decides to have a tattoo imprinted on her inside upper arm, it is usually in the form of a band that encircles the entire circumference of the arm. The size of the tattoo is usually what determines whether the inside inner arm will be tattooed.

The inside inner arm is basically one of the most tender spots to be tattooed but is also one of the areas that heal the quickest. The range of pain involved is determined by the individual and the tattooist. A professional tattooist will be able to give the client an idea of how much pain would be involved.

In the case that a woman has a high pain tolerance, having a tattoo that wraps around or extends to the inner upper arm should pose no problem. If low pain tolerance is a problem, then receiving a tattoo in this area should not be considered.