The fingers have become open canvasses for plenty of tattoo designs, and the ring finger has become one of the most popular places to have a tattoo placed. This is a difficult spot to have tattooed, especially if the design goes around the finger. The other fingers get in the way of the tattoo needle, and so it takes a little longer than it should.

One of the designs that are put on the ring finger is the shape of a ring. Probably the most obvious of tattoos, this design can look like any kind of ring the client wants it to look like. It could also be a shrunken version of the arm band tattoo that one would wear on the arm or leg.

Another design that could be put on the ring finger is a small cross on the top. A skilled tattoo artist could even put in a tiny “Rest in Peace” lettering or abbreviation within the cross. This would be symbolic to the client if a loved one had passed away. Since the ring finger on the left hand contains the major vein direct to the heart, it would only make sense to have it there.