tattoo bejarano Tattooed Arm Bands with NamesRemember when it used to be considered sleazy to tattoo the name of a boyfriend or girlfriend to the body? It is pretty safe to say that times have changed, as tattooing names to the body has become one of the most popular forms of tattoo art in this new millennium. As popular as it is, it is still not recommended by a lot of people because one never knows what the future holds and if that person will remain such a large part of one’s life.

A cute design for this kind of tattoo is putting the name in an arm band tattoo. The arm band tattoo can be any design the client would like, whether it is vines with thorns, tribal, or something to symbolize love or romance, the name can be easily printed somewhere on the design.

The name that would be written on the design can be either big or small lettering. The great thing about small lettering is that if one needed the name covered up for any reason, it is a lot easier than if the lettering was taking up most of the design. It would be a lot less painful to remove too.