rihannas cluster of stars neck tattoo Tattoo Stars for Your Neck There are many places within the neck that you can create the popular designs for women seeking tattoos, including stars that are placed throughout the neck. As the neck is seen as a sensual area, there are more and more women that are choosing to take advantage of this area and use the area to create popular tattoo designs including stars. Through the stars that are popular we have seen smaller clusters of stars, a single star on the back of the neck and many other variations of designed that can be tattooed in the area.

Should you choose one star, or a cluster or stars? These are the two most popular tattoos that can be created through the area of the neck and include the choice of one star, which is often larger in size, at least an inch – or choosing a cluster of stars that can be placed throughout the collar bone, or even through the shoulder blade, including parts fo the neck within the tattoo. Through the choices that you can make when it comes to choosing these designs, it may come down to the size of the tattoo, as well as how large of an area you are comfortable with the tattoo covering. In most cases, the larger star tattoo, of one star – is going to be smaller than the others, the cluster of stars.

When choosing the stars, it is important to consider the colors of the stars that are going to be chosen. You may want to consider how you are going to feel about these colors in the future and stick to traditional dark ink with a little shading, to reduce the regret that can come with bright colors.