300px Abstract Letters Tattoo Script Friends and Family SayingsOne of the most beautiful and nicest things that people can do is have tattooed to themselves a lovely quote or saying in regards to their family or friends. Whether these sayings are placed on the arm, back, chest or other part of the body, they are usually very nice words and mean a lot to the person with the tattoo.

A nice example of a quote that could be placed on the lower back is “an ounce of blood is worth more than a pound of friendship.” This is an old Spanish proverb, but means that family is a lot more important than friendship. It could also be said that family is a group of friends one can’t choose.

Another example of a quote that can be used is “fear makes strangers of people who would be friends” said by Shirley MacLaine. This is a great quote, and is a very popular one that people get tattooed to themselves. There are a lot of popular sayings that can be tattooed, and generally the client will have something in mind before going to have it done. It is usually a phrase that means something important to that person in question.