lettering tattoo  Tattoo LetteringIdeas for Children’s NamesOne of the most popular tattoos that parents, especially new and young parent’s get for their first tattoo is the name of their child,  or the name of their children through a tattoo that has been created to commemorate the occasion. Through the use of tattoo lettering, script and a variety of other types of names can be used to create tattoos that can be an effective way to display the names of the children within the family, through a variety of personal choices which can be made to customize the tattoo that is being placed on to the body.

Here are some ideas that you can use when it comes to lettering children’s names on tattoos on the body:

–          Consider using different scripts with different names on various parts of the body that can match the personality of the child. This can be great for a father than wants to tattoo a child’s name on each arm, with a script that would be suitable for a girl and perhaps a script that would be suitable for a boy. Each tattoo can be easily customized to relay these actions.

–          Use scripts that are created unique for the tattoo. Working with the help of a tattoo artist can help to find custom designs that can be used to create unique lettering tattoos, especially for children’s names.

–          Use tattoos that can create a combination of the names, or even the initials of the children within the family. This can be an effective way to increase the meaning within the tattoo while linking the names as a whole throughout the entire theme.