Tattoo Drawing Policies

before finding a tattoo artist to create a custom design for you, the first question that pops up is how much do I have to give them to draw me my custom design. Well the answer is simple it comes down to a few very key elements of the design that determine the down payment for the tattoo drawing.

First thing you want to understand is that tattoo artists require a deposit to draw that goes towards your tattoo when you guys agree on the tattoo design. Sometimes it takes multiple attempts to pull the creation from your imagination but altering the design is part of the process to ensure the drawing is perfect and flows with your body. when you first show up for your tattoo drawing consultation the artist will create a bullet point spreadsheet that has all of the references provided by you as a client, including pictures of tattoo styles the client likes, or certain images the client is trying to mimic. Then once you and the artist brainstorm ideas the illustration can start to be created.

the second thing that you want to take into consideration is going to be the placement on the body where you want the tattoo procedure performed. The artist needs to make sure that the image will flow with the natural curves of your body so taking measurements during your consultation appointment may be necessary to determine the size of the tattoo and price of the deposit. On simple tattoos clients can walk in and be tattooed the same day, but in most cases custom tattoos require an appointment and a deposit to pay for the artists drawl time, and to ensure the appointment day is held. Prepping for a tattoo requires hours behind a pencil, followed by multiple more hours behind the tattoo machine so the drawing stage of the tattoo is the most important.

the last thing to consider before booking a consultation for a tattoo drawingis how soon you want to get the tattoo done normal waiting period for custom tattoos are two weeks to a month depending on detail and depth within the illustration. Having an artist create a piece of everlasting art using their unique style, and having it done in a timely matter are two completely different things, rushing a tattoo artist is never your best choice when it comes to lifelong decisions.

but overall if the tattoo is eight hours long the tattoo artist will require 50% down so that if you bail on the tattoo the artists time is paid for in the art produced is yours to keep if you no longer wish to get tattooed artists are paid by the hour so whether be drawing on scaling or drawing on paper they expect to be paid their worth.

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