Rib Cage

Feminine Koi Fish Tattoos

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koi fish tattoo Feminine Koi Fish Tattoos Bright colors and designs are used through Koi fish tattoos for women. Many women choose to integrate these designs with a tattoo or pieces of script that have personal meaning for themselves through the tattoo and using bright tones of …

Script Tattoo Rib Cage

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script tattoo rib cage.jpg Script Tattoo Rib Cage The rib cage is one of the most popular areas that you can choose for a script tattoo and they can be created through the designs and can be designed vertical as well as horizontal across or up the rib …

Tattoos on Side Rib Cage

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Megan Fox RibCage Tattoo1 Tattoos on Side Rib CageEveryone who has ever gone for a tattoo will admit that there is some pain involved.  The pain, however, is measured by the individual’s pain threshold level. However, the most painful place to have a tattoo has been said to …