star tattoo Star Tattoos for Men Stars have become a popular tattoo for both women and men. Although a popular choice for women in the past, there have been many changes that have been made to various designs of star tattoos that make them a popular choice for men as well.

Nautical stars are one of the top choices for men as they contain specific points and are a very trendy aspect of pop culture, currently. These stars are often distinguished by the variations in color that can be seen throughout the star and are often depicted in dark colors which alternate with colorless sections of the star. Although the nautical star tattoo is a versatile one and can be present anywhere on the body, it seems that the forearm is one of the most popular places for men to choose the star.

There are also other types of stars which come into various motifs while trying to design a tattoo. Star tattoos can range in size, but are often larger on men, as they wish the tattoo to make more of a statement. Dark colors are a great way to make the star tattoo additionally masculine and can be used in a variety of ways. These colors can range from dark blues and blacks, to alternating colorless patterns within the stars, or perhaps the star outline.

Many men are taking their inspiration for star tattoos from all of the latest celebrities and bands that seem to have jumped on to the star tattoo trend. Although inspiration is taken from another individual, there are often ways that working with a tattoo artist can help to customize the star tattoo and create a personalized aspect of the entire design through the use of color, shapes, shading and also through the use of other images being incorporated with the popular tattoo.