dragon tattoo Should I get my Dragon Tattoo in Black or Color?One of the biggest questions that we receive is whether certain tattoo designs should be drawn on the body in black or dark colored ink or created on the body in popular colored ink. There are many aspects that should be considered before making the decision whether black or colored ink is most appropriate and taking these aspects into account can ensure that the tattoo is created with the best possible appearance.

Here are some of the things that should be considered while making the decision whether to have the tattoo designed on the body in black or colored ink:

Are you going to get other tattoos in the same area? In the case that you are going to get other tattoos in the same area you may want to consider how the colors and designs that are going to be obtained in the future or potentially obtained in the future are going to affect the design that has been chosen.

What type of budget is available for the tattoo? In some cases, there is more shading and coloring techniques that are used with colored tattoos and therefore some people make the decision to reduce the color that is used within the tattoo and use black and other dark colored ink while creating the tattoo on the body to accommodate the budget.

What type of dragon is being depicted on the body and is the dragon being depicted alone or part of the series of other images that are present on the body? It is important to determine whether the dragon tattoo is being completed on the body alone, or as part of a series of other images to determine whether coloring used within the tattoo is truly going to add to the image that has been chosen.

Considering these aspects can be an effective way to make the decision of which tattoo is going to be most appropriate and how the tattoo is going to be designed on the body.