cat tattoo3 Popular Types of Cat Tattoos What are some of the most popular types of cat tattoos that people use when searching for a tattoo that suits their personality or seeking an original design? For the most part there are two main groups of cat tattoos that are popular with men and women. The majority of men seek cat tattoos that contain pictures and other depictions of cats within the wild such as tigers, jaguars and leopards as there are certain strengths which are demonstrated in these types of tattoos. These jungle cats are often depicted on the forearm and are also one of the most popular old school tattoos for men that have decided to tattoo a certain part of the body.

When it comes to women that are seeking cat tattoos, there are also popular designs which are available. Many women seek a cat as part of the tattoo to demonstrate an attitude that comes with spunk and an attitude that can change within any moment. Most of the cat tattoos that are chosen by women are depicted into cartoon type cats that show the cat with flirty eyelashes and in a variety of situations, often with a coy look upon the face of the cat. These cartoonish depictions have become recently popular with those trying to display their flirty attitude as well as those trying to display a love for cats.

The third type of cat tattoo which has become popular through the use of real life and portraiture tattoos include the cat which is depicted as the family pet and depicted into a likeness of the individual that has chosen to have the tattoo inked on to the body. These are popular for individuals that have lost a pet and therefore can see the pet on a tattoo, as a great way to ensure that the family pet will not be forgotten through the use of the popular art.