nautical star tattoo Nautical Star Tattoos for Women What is the meaning behind the popular nautical star tattoos and what is behind the popularity of these tattoos? Nautical star tattoos are a great alternative to traditional stars and have meaning within pop culture as there are many celebrities and music stars have chosen to have these nautical stars tattooed on various parts of the body. The meaning is within pop culture and symbolism that can be traced back for decades.

Nautical star tattoos are often popular for men, but there are many ways that you can customize the tattoo to make it girly enough to have the tattoo placed on the woman’s body. Popular places for nautical tattoos to be placed on the body include the wrists as well as the shoulders, the hips, the feet and even the back. These types of stars have become increasingly popular and can be created in a variety of colors and shades that can be made girly through the use of shading that can be created from the tattoo. Although nautical star are known to have sharp lines that can define the shape of the nautical star, there are many girly tattoos that can remove the edges of the tattoo and use colors and shading to soften the entire effect of the tattoo.

Nautical stars are often recognized by the two-tone colors which are created in the design of the stars. There are lines, which create the five point stars and therefore the two colors are often used within the alternating lines to create an almost three-dimensional effect on the skin where the star has been tattooed.

As there are many options when it comes to nautical tattoos it is important to research the types of tattoos that are available as well as colors and shapes, sizes and star arrangements that are completed within the shape of the star tattoo.