nautical star tattoo1 Nautical Star Chest Tattoos Are you thinking of getting a nautical star tattoo but you are unsure where you should get the tattoo? The chest is a popular place to choose a tattoo – and more and more people are choosing the trendy designs that can be seen in nautical stars to design on the chest.

There are two versions of the nautical stars that are often created for people that are requesting the popular design on their body. The first designs are created with feminine details, and are created for women and the second types of tattoos are created with more masculine details and they are created for men that are seeking to take advantage of the popular tattoo design.

What are some of the popular elements that can be seen in feminine versions of the tattoos? Some of the most popular elements that can be seen in the female version of the tattoos include alternating colors within the nautical tattoo, rather than the traditional black. This, as well as using thin lines and feminine shading within the tattoo can help to create a feminine version of the tattoo for the chest.

Masculine chest tattoos that use nautical stars as the motif are also popular but include black through the designs in the tattoo and use harsh lines throughout the tattoo. Through the masculine designs that are created you can easily use black and other lines through the tattoo, but you can also have the option of using color in the art.