FindTemporaryTattooDesigns KidTattoo Intro main Full Methods to Wash off Temporary Kids TattoosIf there is anything about any holiday kids love, it’s the ability to stick temporary tattoos all over themselves. It’s all fun at the time, but when it comes time to remove them, that’s when it gets a little more difficult.

A child’s skin is more gentle and fragile than that of an adult; therefore in order to not cause irritation it’s best to use methods that are safe. One of the methods that is highly recommended is Olive oil. Apply some on a face cloth or towel and gently rub the temporary tattoo until it comes off completely.

Another method that has been frequently heard of, even if it doesn’t really work, is to use scotch tape in the “band aid effect”. Place it over the tattoo and with one quick pull, it removes the tattoo.

If you are trying a couple different methods and are having little or no success, a method to remove temporary kid’s tattoos (which is a little harsher on the skin) is using nail polish remover. That stuff could remove a real tattoo if enough was used! One recommendation when it comes to using nail polish remover to remove temporary tattoos is to use baby powder to soften the skin after such a harsh method has been used.

An even softer method is using baby oil. This is something that is also frequently used to remove temporary tattoos from children as it is said to be a quick and easy way. It also will not irritate the skin.