2363047800 299c421088 Locations for Tattoos You Can Incorporate Kids Names Parents are often proud and wish to commemorate the birth of the child with their name being tattooed on the body. There are many ways that you can tattoo the names of your children on your body and many popular locations. If you find that you are stuck for designs and would like to include the name of the children on your body, have a look through the many internet galleries that are available of children’s tattoo names.

There are many unique designs that can be created to incorporate the names of your children.  Through the unique designs that can be seen, you can easily find other elements, aside from the names within the body art. For example, many people choose to take advantage of the outlines of the foot prints or hand prints of their child within the tattoo and other people choose to make use of their children’s favorite designs or elements of when the child was born. Using these elements, you can be sure to create a customized tattoo that can be worn with pride and including the names of the children.

There are many popular places to include the name tattoos on the body. For men, some of the most popular places include the forearm, with the name of the child being tattooed up the forearm. Other popular areas for the name tattoos for men include across the chest, as well as the back and even through the shoulder area.

For women, some of the most popular places to tattoo the names of their children include through the foot area, as well as the wrists and the back area.