how to make henna How to Make Henna Ink at HomeHenna ink is a temporary tattoo that looks more real than just the tattoos one can buy from a store. They are perfect for the first timer who is trying to decide if they want a real one or not. Although there are different places that one can go to have a Henna tattoo done, it is just as easy to make the ink at home and do it themselves. Here are a few tips on how to make henna ink at home.

The ingredients needed (a lot of which one may have already lying around) can be purchased at a local store, although the Henna powder may be a little harder to get. One can order Henna powder online, or visit any specialty shop that sells it in the area. The shops can be searched for online as well. To make the henna paste, one needs the Henna powder, and a lemon or lime juice. This is for a simple recipe. Do not use a metal bowl because Henna is a stain and will ruin it. Once these ingredients are mixed together, it needs to sit for anywhere between four to twelve hours, depending on the environment it is kept in.

One will know it is complete and ready to apply when the top layer is darker than the rest. Henna can be applied with different tools including a wire, syringe (without the needle) or even just a paint brush. Leave it on the skin for at least six hours.