125420 f520 How to Choose Scottish Tattoo Designs When choosing a tattoo, there are many people that choose tattoo designs that can demonstrate a portion of their culture or a portion of their heritage. Through the tattoo designs which are available, there are many popular Scottish tattoo designs that people choose to have inked on the body to demonstrate this heritage. These tattoos are often a combination of a tattoo demonstrating a personal belief or a love of some sort of the Celtic nature, and the traditional tattoos associated with being Scottish.

What are some popular tattoo designs that are considered to be Scottish? Some of the most popular tattoo designs that are considered to be Scottish are those that include traditional tattoo patterns, as there is a rich history of tattooing and body art within the Scottish culture. Through the tattoos that are created there are often designs that make use of the symbolism of suffering and hardship that many Scottish people have suffered through. Through this suffrage and hardship, the designs which remain popular through the decades, even through centuries are those that include the flag of Scotland as well as tattoos which include various designs which make use of crosses within the design and even crests of clans and certain families. This can include the heritage with the smaller culture and memory of the family through the use of the crest.

Another popular tattoo when it comes to choosing Scottish designs includes the use of the Celtic knot. The Celtic knot can be created in a variety of designs and can even be created in combination with other types of Celtic and Scottish tattoos, which makes it a very popular choice. Using classic combinations can help to create a unique and traditional tattoo.