77798 f520 How to Choose Hawaiian Flower TattoosChoosing a Hawaiian flower tattoo is easy, especially if you happened to be named after a flower! If you are named Lily, Rose, Daisy, or Blossom it would be easy to just choose one of those to use as a tattoo.

A lot of women tend to like bright colors in their flower tattoos, and Hawaiian flowers are perfect for that. A Cattleya Orchid plant, commonly found in Hawaii, is a white flower with a deeper purple outline and a sunshine yellow center. This Hawaiian flower tattoo design is simple, elegant, and most importantly to a lot of woman, would look nice in evening attire!

For a Hawaiian flower tattoo design that would be a little more flashy, the common water lily would provide a far more exquisite array of color. It is primarily a royal blue color with a bright yellow center. This would be a gorgeous design to put on the lower back.

Another beautiful choice would be the hibiscus flower, which is also the territorial flower for Hawaii. It is predominately yellow with a bright red center. This can be put just about anywhere, from the wrist to the ankle. Hawaiian bouquets can be tattooed to the back, and can include a variety of different flowers as well.

One could even go so far as to tattoo a Hawaiian Lei around the wrist or ankle and it would still look fantastic. Because these flowers are so beautiful, any of them would make a wonderful choice!