heart tattoo pictures Heart Tattoo Pictures A classic design and perhaps one of the most popular tattoo designs through old school tats, there are many tattoo designs that contain hearts. Men have chosen heart tattoos for decades and many women are now choosing the popular design, with elements created through the course of the design to create a feminine appearing work of art that is being completed on the body.

Although red is one of the most common colors that have been chosen for hearts in the past, more and more women are making use of the many other colors that can be chosen from. Noted celebrities have heart tattoos on their body in a wide range of designs and wide range of colors.

Some of the current trends that can be seen through tattoo designs include tribal work that is being created for both women and for men. Through the designs that are seen, tribal tattoos are created with hearts using dark ink and filled in shapes and designs to create a modern version of one of the most popular tattoos.

Many people that are seeking an alternative to the traditional heart tattoo choose these tribal tattoos as they can be created in a wide range of forms. Although many people are under the impression that tribal tattoos are not a girly option, there are many aspects of the tattoo that can be designed to be girly, including elements of the tattoo that contain swirls and other design elements to create the appearance of a more girly tattoo.

Hearts can be chosen as the focal point of the tattoo that has been chosen, and combined with other elements through the design that can contribute to its girly nature.