hawaiian flower tattoos 11 Hawaiian Flower Tattoos with InitialsHawaiian Flower Tattoos with Initials are a popular choice for those seeking a combination of custom tattoos, as well as using floral designs that are popular in Hawaii. When it comes to Hawaiian tattoos, there are many floral designs that can be chosen from – as each island comes with a different flower that represents the Island.

Where can you place the initials in the design that comes with the floral tattoo with Hawaiian inspiration? The initials are often placed within the petals of the flowers, as they can be easily integrated into many designs. Are you looking for another innovative place to use the designs and initials within the flowers? Perhaps you should choose to create a design within the flower that includes the initials through the shape of the flowers that have been chosen.

Using the same colors that are being used in the tattoo, you can create the initials within the tattoo. Many people choose to use their initials within the tattoo, the initials of their partner or even the initials of their children. In the case that you are using multiple initials within the tattoo, you can place the initials through each of the petals within the flower that has been chosen. This is a great way to create a unique and customized tattoo using the initials.