Found A Tattoo Shop With Great Artists To Do A Tattoo For Me

I was looking to have a special tattoo done. I had never had one done before and I wanted to get it done in memory of a good friend. The thought of having something permanently on my body always kind of scared me. You never know if the tattoo artist will mess it up and I never wanted to be stuck with something I hated. I knew that I would need to find a tattoo shop with great artists before making a permanent decision.

I started by asking my friends if they could tell me of any great tattoo shops with good artists. A friend of mine told me she knew someone that did tattoos and he did a really great job. She showed me some pictures of his work and told me how to find his Facebook page so I could look at even more. I went to the Facebook page and looked around and was pretty impressed with the work he had done. I knew I wanted to have him do the tattoo for me. Since their London studio tattoo shop was close to my house, I decided to stop in one day to talk to him about what I wanted done. He said he could draw it up for me while I waited or I could come back. I decided to stop back because I had some other errands to run.

Once I returned I was so happy with the work he had done I asked him when he could fit me in. He said he could do it then so I let him. I have been so happy with my tattoo and have received several compliments on it from people that have seen it.