dragonfly1 Dragonfly Tattoos for Ankle Designsor women seeking a dragon tattoo, the ankle bone is a popular location for the creature with such delicate wings to be depicted on the body. Through the use of the bright colors which can be present throughout the body and the wings of the tattoo, the dragonfly tattoo is often the perfect size for the woman seeking to place a small tattoo on the interior or the exterior of the ankle.

In most cases, the dragonfly tattoo is depicted as the dragonfly is flying, adding life to the vibrant colors that are used to create the tattoo. Through the use of tattoo art, the dragonfly can effectively be colored through a variety of options, from dark colors which can cause a flair for the dramatic with the tattoo, to light colors which can mimic the sun entering the wings of the dragonfly tattoo and making a statement on the skin in which the tattoo has been placed.

Ankles are a popular place to obtain tattoos, as they can be a great place for small designs which can be completed quickly. Although the ankle is close to the bone as the skin is very thin, the tattoo can be completed within a matter of minutes, causing the pain to be associated with a dragonfly tattoo on the ankle to become minimal. Through the use of a swift and experienced hand of a tattoo artist, the tattoo can be created with ease.

When choosing the colors for the dragonfly tattoo, think about the impact that you wish to make. Think about the other tattoos which are near the ankles and the calves to determine the colors that will suit each other, or any tattoos that are going to be obtained in the future. Think about bright colors for a bold and vibrant way to show your personality, or dramatic colors to make an impact.