dragonfly tattoo Dragonfly Tattoo Meanings Although dragonfly tattoos may look great and are a popular and colorful choice for women that are seeking a tattoo, there are often meanings behind the dragonfly tattoo that many people are unaware of. The dragonfly tattoo has been known to have a high level of strength in the meaning and therefore are often tattooed on the body through a transition point in the lifetime.

What kind of symbolism can be found in the dragonfly tattoo? There are many people that link the dragonfly the tattoo to wisdom and the ability to change within the lifetime, as opposed to living a static life. Those with dragonfly tattoos are said to encompass high levels of wisdom. There are many people that choose to have a dragonfly tattoo inked on to the body after they have undergone a life changing experience in which they have gained a high level of wisdom through the process of an experience that they have gone through.

Although dragonfly are more popular with women, than men, as they are portrayed in a colorful and feminine nature; there are some men that choose to have a dragonfly tattoo inked on to the body and therefore create a masculine appearance with the dragonfly tattoo, or using the tattoo as a combination within other tattoos that are created in the body.

There are many people that believe that the dragonfly tattoo can help to guide an individual and instill wisdom into an individual, not only affecting the dreams, but impacting them as well.

The larger the dragonfly tattoo that is placed on the body the higher the level of knowledge which is thought to be portrayed from the dragonfly tattoo. There are some dragonfly tattoos that can range in size on the body up to eight inches. These tattoos are often placed on the back, the hip, the foot and the forearm.