star tattoos 12 Dark Shaded Star Tattoos for Men Although there are vibrant and bold tattoos that are available for men to choose from that have been created with a high level of color integrated throughout the design in the tattoo, more and more men are choosing star tattoos that have been created with dark and bold colors, which can also make a statement through the body, but you can also combine these tattoos with other designs, to create a high level of versatility through the tattoo.

What are some of the popular star tattoo designs that you can choose from when considering the star for your next piece of art? Star tattoos are growing in popularity for men as they are becoming more and more masculine through the designs that are available. Nautical stars are some of the most popular designs for men and therefore you can find that there are many dark designs that are being created with the traditional two tone nature of the nautical tattoo, with shades of blue or black that is used through the tattoo.

When choosing a tattoo artist, you should consider the previous work of the artist and the shading skills that are available to use through the tattoo. Asking the tattoo artist for their portfolio to determine the experience and the past tattoos that have been completed, to determine the skill level is simple and recommended for an artist that you have not worked with in the past as this can help to ensure that you are making the right decision when choosing a dark shaded star tattoo for men.