cross web1 Cross Tattoos in ColorOne of the designs commonly used this day and age are cross tattoos. They are often used to symbolize the passing of a close friend or relative or to symbolize one’s strong religious beliefs. In some places, even gangs can use them as symbols of something that would be specific to them. Generally, cross tattoos come without color and more frequently on men than on women.
However, women have been known to get cross tattoos as well with the only difference being the addition of color to the design. Cross tattoos in color can have the same or very different meanings than the ones that do not have color. For example, a cross tattoo that is shaded in with pink may be a great way to symbolize or commemorate the loss of someone to breast cancer.
A lot of the times when we see rainbow colors on a tattoo it has something to do with gay pride. Rainbow colors on a cross tattoo has been known to symbolize the client’s belief that God loves all people equally with no prejudice. Many different colors can be used on cross tattoos, all depending on the client’s preference when deciding on a design.