2702397951 3a6b353a38 Cool Ideas for First Tattoos Picking your first tattoo is always the hardest. You want something stylish, that you would be okay with it for the rest of your life. It’s best to pick a simple, small tattoo, because not only are you unsure about it later in life, it also hurts to get. Some cool designs for your first tattoo include your horoscope symbol, a rose, even the initials of someone you care about. For those a bit braver, cool designs could be a snake, sword, butterfly or another flower of some sort.

If your name is Daisy, why not tattoo a daisy? Japanese symbols tend to be cool tattoo designs for your first tattoo, as just the one symbol could mean so much. Love, Peace, Prosperity and much more are used with the simplest of symbols. For people who are more religious, you could use a dove or angel, even just a halo with a loved one’s name inside.

In larger cities like Toronto, New York, etc., the first tattoo someone gets could very well be a logo which, for that person, carries great meaning. Other cool tattoo designs for your first tattoo could be things that are a part of nature.

The sun, moon, or even rain drops have been seen in many different places. Birds and other wildlife have been chosen as well. Native men, when becoming of age, go with bear paws on their back or chest to symbolize great hunters and the strength of the mighty. These are just a few ideas for your first piece of art!