261020 f520 Colored Butterfly TattoosAlthough tribal tattoos are a trendy choice for modern and trendy girls, there are many women that are choosing the classic colorful butterflies as their first tattoo, over the popular trends that have been popular about butterfly tattoos in the tribal patterns.

There are many reasons why one would want to choose the colorful pattern over the tribal art. Colorful patterns can often be customized with your favorite colors and other elements of the tattoo as opposed to the tribal tattoos, which cannot be customized. In the case that you are searching for a unique tattoo, this can be difficult to obtain when you make the decision to have the tribal tattoo placed on the body.

There are many places that are popular to get the colored butterfly tattoo on the body. Whether you are seeking to make a statement with the tattoo on the ankle, or shoulder blade – or you wish to place the tattoo in a more discrete location, like the hip, there are many choices that are available when it comes to choosing colored butterfly tattoos.

Are you trying to think about ways that you can customize the butterfly tattoo? There are many options that you have, from choosing your own unique and colorful designs that are placed on the wings of the butterfly and even choosing to incorporate the butterfly tattoo with other elements in tattoo design, as you may wish to use the butterfly with designs that include initials and even names, or floral designs and vine designs that can be placed on the various parts of the body.