shoulder tattoo 1 Choosing Shoulder Tattoos for Men Tribal art, initials, Celtic designs – these are all popular types of shoulder tattoos for men. Many men are seeking a shoulder tattoo to make a statement and a piece of art that can be combined with others that are already present on the body, or tattoos which will be added in the future. This is the one reason that shoulder tattoos are so popular in the form of tribal art, as they are one color and can be combined with a variety of other pieces of art. Tribal art is often created in dark colors that can have varying designs which can be created to become symmetrical or matching with other pieces.

When choosing a shoulder tattoo, what should you take into account? First, take into account the size of the tattoo that is going to be chosen. Is it going to cover the entire shoulder? Are you seeking a tattoo that is going to be extended on to the chest or one that is going to be created as part of a sleeve? Popular shoulder tattoo designs are often used to create the appearance of a tattoo that stretches on to the back, the chest and ones that even extend down the arm. These can create quite an impact when choosing a tattoo and are popular designs for those seeking something extra special.

The shoulder tattoo should be chosen based on personal preference, rather than the type of popular tattoo at the time. This can assist the individual in allowing the shoulder to become a work of art that is personalized and unique. While creating these types of tattoos, don’t be afraid to work with tattoo artists to come up with a customized design that can be used to create a work of art that means something more than just ink on the skin.