GermanicTattoo Choosing Between Tattoo Block Letter Styles As one of the most popular forms of printing when it comes to tattoos – more men and women are seeking block letter styles when it comes to their written tattoos, as they can be easily read and they can be designed within many other elements within the tattoo.

What are some of the graphic combinations that make use of the block letter tattoo styles? More and more modern designs are being created that make use of the block letter styles. Through the various styles that are available, you can combine these block letter styles with names, dates and even words that you choose to have tattooed on the body.

There are endless options that are available to you when tattooing words and sayings on the body. Some of the most popular options are to tattoo the words to q quote, poem or song lyric that have meaning to you. Some people choose to create their own personal saying and have it tattooed on the body in block letters.

Block letter tattoos are indeed popular – because they are one of the easiest to read and can be created in many sizes. Perhaps you should consider block letters for your next tattoo.