armband tattoo Choosing An Arm Tattoo for GuysThere are three main types of arm tattoos which are chosen for guys. These three tattoos are all placed on different parts of the arm and can have different techniques while the art is being applied to the skin. Through the use of these arm tattoos, individuals are able to choose their design and determine which area of the arm would be best suited for this design. This can help to determine the type of placement in which the arm tattoo is going to be applied to the arm.

Sleeve tattoos are those that can range from the upper elbow to the shoulder, and most often go around the entire arm, similar to a sleeve. There is no mystery where this type of tattoo has gotten its name from and this tattoo can include a variety of designs which are combined together. Taking advantage of a sleeve tattoo can leave you with a variety of options when it comes to design and is the reason that this is one of the most popular types of arm tattoos.

Another type of arm tattoo which is increasingly popular for guys is the shoulder tattoo. Through the designs which are created for this type of tattoo, designs are placed within the shoulder and can be used to create a variety of effects through the available bold designs. The shoulder tattoo can often encompass the entire shoulder, on the arm, but does not extend to the back on the shoulder blade. The upper arm is a focal point many guys wish to accentuate and the shoulder tattoo can do this well.

Forearm tattoos are another type of arm tattoos. Through the use of these arm tattoos, there are a variety of designs which can be placed on the lower arm, whether on the inside or outside.