celtic tattoo finger Celtic Tattoo Finger More and more people are making the decision to choose a lifelong tattoo that can symbolize the commitment that is made through a marriage ceremony with a tattoo that can be placed on the finger, rather than choosing the traditional wedding ring that can be worn on the finger. This way, the couple doesn’t have to worry about one another losing the ring and the couple does not have to worry about the rings become damaged or tarnished, as they are tattooed directly on the skin of the ring finger to create a lifelong symbol

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on the body of the commitment that has been made through the wedding ceremony. There are many designs that can be seen on the tattoos that are chosen in place of the wedding band but one of the most popular designs that can be seen on these styles of tattoos are those that are created with Celtic knot inspiration. Through these types of tattoos, knots and designs that have various meanings are intertwined together to create the signature wedding ring design. Through the design, there are many elements that can be chosen from, including elements of love and eternal devotion through the various styles of tattoos. Learning about the various knots and working with a tattoo artist experienced in the various types of knots can be an effective way to create a look that is going to ensure that you have chosen a tattoo remnant of the love and devotion shared between the two people that have gotten the matching tattoos.