How To Design A Tattoo For A Client

Finding a Reference

When looking for a reference it is helpful to look at multiple references to get a clear idea of what you would like to design for your client. When dealing with a client it is important to make sure that you listen to the client’s desires but still let them know what is possible and what isn’t realistic. The key to becoming a recognized artist is to take your clients references that they bring in, and make them unique and therefore, more desired and sought out for their art.

Designing a Tattoo for a client

Finding Tattoo references sometimes isn’t as easy as it seems. In some cases, a client can have a hard time formalizing ideas. It is useful to use many different sources when looking for references to get more ideas. Try using Pinterest, Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Instagram. There are often very creative ideas shared through social media.

When considering a reference, keep in mind the clients’ space on their skin and how much room you have to work with. There can also be issues with the placement of body art, as some places hurt more than others and some people have different reactions to pain. It is important to look at how the marks and lines work and flow with the body.

Creating a Draft

When creating the first draft it is beneficial to look at the references that you can most relate with your ideas and can really guide you as you draw. Remember that a first draft isn’t always going to be perfect. In some cases, it is also important to keep in mind that you might have to come up with a design in very little time. When someone walks into a tattoo and body modification shop, your job as an artist is to sell them a tattoo, a piece of your art. If someone comes in with an idea, try to keep them interested by keeping your design relevant, clean, and not keeping them waiting too long for the idea.

Starting the tattoo design or sketch.

After you’ve received payment for the deposit and you have all of the references given by the tenant to the client now it is time to start the design. The best way that we have found is that sketching a design is a hard task to do so the main thing that we do is give the client a basic overview of the design by providing a simple but intricate detailed outline of the art. Then once the client sees the outline, try to explain and show references to how you’re going to create their custom artwork. Doing this saves time both for the artist and client while allowing time for the tattoo and allowing more freedom with the picture. Being able to have creative freedom on someone’s new body modification allows for the artist to express more creative attributes that he wouldn’t normally be able to do. Having full trust in your tattoo artist will create a better vibe for the artist making him execute the tiny details while producing perfect line work from pure concentration and confidence.

Finishing the Full Design

In some cases, you’ll discover a client that must have the full design provided to them before their tattoo appointment so that they can approve and critique things prior to their body art appointment. But when experiencing clients like this our recommendation would be ensuring that the artist has enough time prior to the tattoo appointment, while taking into consideration the size of the brand and placement to determine the art designs due date. An artists rule of thumb in this case would be to book out the client two weeks prior. Get the outline sketch done within one week, and then complete the custom art design the night before the scheduled appointment So that when your client sees it during the scheduled appointment, changes can be made on the spot.

Holding your art

When it comes to dealing with somebody who wants a custom body art modification drawn or sketched, it is not always an easy task to deal with these people. We understand that everybody wants to see their custom tattoos before their appointment and quite often ask for a picture through text messenger to see the progress. But protecting your art as an artist is most important. Once you have drawn the custom body modification art for the client, do not send them any proof copy of the design prior to the set appointment date. In recent studies, we have seen many artists waste their time drawing for clients because they send out a picture and the client decides that the price is not worth the design and they take it to another artist to do it for cheaper. Then the artist has successfully wasted their time and now has a worthless picture because they sent that picture out to the client and the client just took it and got it done cheaper somewhere else. We have seen this many times over and over but the best way to avoid it is to simply not send out any proof drawings prior to their Scheduled appointment.

Making changes To the tattoo design

When it comes to making changes to the tattoo design all changes are done on the spot the day of the scheduled tattoo procedure. This ensures that you hold the power to the art and that you stand behind your style. Try to critique and control the drawing process. Simply ask your client to have a seat in the waiting area after they have told you the changes that they want to be made. Once you’ve made the changes make sure that your client signs the art and agrees to it both on the Tattoo Release form and on a piece of art itself. This is very important when doing lettering tattoos because it protects the artist against at fault misspellings. If you’re doing a bunch of scripts it is very easy to misspell a word and even though you’ve spellcheck it twice, having them sign it protect you no matter what because they are agreeing to the design and the spelling how it is on the piece of paper when they are applying their signature to it. This is just another false safe system that is in place to protect tattooers In the industry.

How long to Save Art for Clients

This is a weird case, but we will address it because in the past we have had many people give us a deposit and we designed them a full tattoo, but they never show up to approve the drawing. Our general rule of thumb as a respectable tattoo and body art shop is to keep the client’s custom design for six months before auctioning it off to someone else. Having this Policy in place will protect the shop and the artist. For many incidents that can occur when dealing with very decisive people. However, if you’re ever in Spokane Washington and you’re looking for custom tattoo artwork, check Spokane drawing policy at all about it Ink. And let The best tattooers in Spokane Use their imagination to create your custom creation.

Tattoo Drawing Policies

before finding a tattoo artist to create a custom design for you, the first question that pops up is how much do I have to give them to draw me my custom design. Well the answer is simple it comes down to a few very key elements of the design that determine the down payment for the tattoo drawing.

First thing you want to understand is that tattoo artists require a deposit to draw that goes towards your tattoo when you guys agree on the tattoo design. Sometimes it takes multiple attempts to pull the creation from your imagination but altering the design is part of the process to ensure the drawing is perfect and flows with your body. when you first show up for your tattoo drawing consultation the artist will create a bullet point spreadsheet that has all of the references provided by you as a client, including pictures of tattoo styles the client likes, or certain images the client is trying to mimic. Then once you and the artist brainstorm ideas the illustration can start to be created.

the second thing that you want to take into consideration is going to be the placement on the body where you want the tattoo procedure performed. The artist needs to make sure that the image will flow with the natural curves of your body so taking measurements during your consultation appointment may be necessary to determine the size of the tattoo and price of the deposit. On simple tattoos clients can walk in and be tattooed the same day, but in most cases custom tattoos require an appointment and a deposit to pay for the artists drawl time, and to ensure the appointment day is held. Prepping for a tattoo requires hours behind a pencil, followed by multiple more hours behind the tattoo machine so the drawing stage of the tattoo is the most important.

the last thing to consider before booking a consultation for a tattoo drawingis how soon you want to get the tattoo done normal waiting period for custom tattoos are two weeks to a month depending on detail and depth within the illustration. Having an artist create a piece of everlasting art using their unique style, and having it done in a timely matter are two completely different things, rushing a tattoo artist is never your best choice when it comes to lifelong decisions.

but overall if the tattoo is eight hours long the tattoo artist will require 50% down so that if you bail on the tattoo the artists time is paid for in the art produced is yours to keep if you no longer wish to get tattooed artists are paid by the hour so whether be drawing on scaling or drawing on paper they expect to be paid their worth.

Tattoo Aftercare

When deciding to use tattoo aftercare for your tattoo you must go over a variety of products and do research while reading reviews to ensure that you use the best in the industry. Most tattoo artists in 2019 utilize sanatorium for their aftercare process for tattooing. As the industry progresses we are coming up with better means of healing for your new body art. As tattooers we strive to make sure that you heal the best so that you remain a walking billboard with amazingly vibrant,Body art modifications.Utilizing pachyderm after your tattoo will make it so that your body uses its natural white blood cells to progressively increase the natural healing process throughout the procedure.

In the first three days after your new body art, it is crucial to not over little Lube with petroleum-based products. When applying too much lubricant to your skin is it clogs the pores on the surface of the skin suffocating the tattoo and not allowing it to run its set course. When using body art lubricants using a petroleum-based product for the first three days will allow the ink To fully saturate into the skin where the tattoo procedure was performed. After the first three days after the cat to you want to switch from petroleum-based products over to unscented lotion. Doing this will cause your top layer of skin to dry out and cue your body to grow a new layer of skin speeding up the healing of the body modification procedure.

Dyarex Tattoo healing

This is very important and to ensure 100% smooth healing please follow our steps to guide you for the perfect healing protocol. If you are using Tegaderm as a second skin Then the steps are quite different after the procedure is done the artist needs to clean off the skin with Bactine witch hazel or some type of topical cleaning agent to give the tattoo it’s last once over cleaning to ensure no infections are present. Then the tattooer will place the second skin over the fresh tattoo and remove all air bubbles sealing The tattoo underneath the later of second skin this type of healing uses your body’s white blood cells to rapidly speed up the body modification process to ensure faster healing time with less maintenance on the client.

To ensure that your tattoo heals perfectly just make sure that you keep it clean and don’t over moisturize your new body modification keep out of direct sunlight for the first week two of voided irritation. Avoid direct contact with animals so that you don’t get hair on your new tattoo. And never ever ever let your buddy set your Inc. by slapping this is attached to myth and does nothing but cause Inflammation to the Skin and will directly result in your tattoo Pushing some of the ink out of your skin causing your tattoo to have gaps in the line work or shading. In most cases, if your tattoo does And up scabbing up this is a direct result that the tattooer Went to deep into the skin and scarred the tissue this is a mistake that untrained tattoo artists Frequently two new clients due to the client not properly researching the artist at the parlor.

healing process for body art

But it is not uncommon to have small flaky skin 3 to 5 days after your tattoo. This means that your tattoo is healing properly. Your tattoo should almost represent a sunburn peel without the redness, and it will be very itchy just make sure that you do not itch the tattoo only pat or rub it to ensure that you don’t rip your new Ink Out by rubbing too hard. If you’re experiencing a sunburn-like healing process don’t panic You are halfway through the healing process. After experiencing 3 to 5 days of the sunburn like peel your new body modification are will then begin to settle into your skin and smooth out.

What to do if you experience an irritation Due to the aftercare, second skin Barrier film tegadern, saniderm, tattooderm, or view guard The first thing you want to do is remove the tag term in the shower from your skin once removed from the scan wash it with soap and water and then get 15 to 20 minutes to air dry your New body art.Once your body art is dry depending on the day of your tattoo appointment our general rule of thumb is to use a petroleum-based lubricant for the first three days after the tattoo procedure, then switch to a unscented lotion for The remainder of the week post tattoo.