calf tattoo Calf Tattoos for Guys The calf is one of the most popular areas of the body that men and guys often choose to tattoo as the area is large enough to put a variety of designs and therefore the versatile area can be used to put every tattoo from lettering, to portraits, to even cultural tattoos.

What types of tattoos are often seen on men that decide to get the calf area of the body tattooed? Some of the most popular tattoos that are placed on the calf include portraiture, as well as cultural tattoos which can include the use of flags and other types of cultural pictorials. This way, the individual can link the tattoo their heritage and display this heritage on their skin as part of their tattoo art.

Through these popular calf tattoos, there are a variety of artworks that can be custom created by the tattoo artist. The calf provides an adequate space that can be worked on and therefore custom tattoo designs aren’t limited by the space that is allowed on other areas such as the forearm or the ankle, which are considerably smaller areas. As well, the calf provides a space that is relatively flat and can allow the tattoo artist to create a piece of work that can easily become a spectacle on the body.

As an added bonus, there are many guys that have said that getting a tattoo on the calf is one of the least painful areas to get a tattoo, as the skin through the calf can be thicker than other parts of the body and there is often no contact with bones through the back of the calf. This is a great reason to choose the calf for your next tattoo location. As well, this area has often been exposed to sun and other elements and therefore it can be an effective way to get a great tattoo without the traditional pain associated with tattoos.