butterfly tattoos Butterfly Tattoos for the Shoulder BladeButterfly tattoos are a popular choice for a first tattoo and even a popular choice for women that are seeking a simple, elegant and classic choice that can be created for the shoulder blade.

Many women feel that the shoulder blade is one of the best locations for the tattoo as it can be easily hidden to retain a professional appearance if required, but it can also be easily shown through the use of a sleeveless shirt or dress and even through the use of a strapless dress. There are many options that are available to allow individuals to show off or hide the tattoo if need be.

The shoulder blade can leave options that are available when it comes to the sizes of the tattoos that are created. Small and elegant tattoos can be created through the upper portion of the shoulder blade and larger more intricate designs that create a bold statement can be found through the larger portion of the shoulder blade. Through the choice of various colors, designs and even through the shape of the butterfly you are able to choose a tattoo that suits your personal style.

Whether you choose between colored styles or you are choosing between tribal butterfly tattoos – there are styles that are edgy and modern and other styles that are created from classic colored butterflies.