pink bulldog elvis Bulldog Tattoos for Dog LoversA bulldog is considered one of the ugliest and one of the cutest dogs at the same time. Pictures of these little guys can be found pretty much anywhere—key chains, plates, greeting cards and a lot of other things that dog lovers enjoy. There are also bulldog tattoos for dog lovers on the market and a lot of them opt for this design.

A bulldog tattoo, like any other animal, can be placed on the skin in a number of different stances. He can be sitting with his paws up, begging, lying down or playing with a favorite toy. Depending on which stance the client chooses, this may also determine where on the body they want the tattoo placed. The common place for such a tattoo is the arm and perhaps the tattoo is just the dogs head and neck with its name on the collar.

Many dog lovers have a dog from their past or present that has made them into such people, and therefore the tattoo they get may be from that dog rather than the one they have now. Maybe that dog had done something special, or was given to the client by a special person.