arm tattoos Arm Tattoos for Guys arm tattoos2 Arm Tattoos for Guys The arms are one of the most popular places for men to choose their tattoos as they can be easily displayed and there is a variety of sizes and shapes of tattoos which can be applied to the various parts of the arm. Whether working with the upper arm, or even the forearm there are a variety of tattoos which can be placed within the arm.

What are tattoo sleeves? Tattoo sleeves are placed on the entire arm, or in some cases the upper arm and consist of artwork which surrounds the entire front of the arm, as well as the entire back, creating a sleeve of tattoo that can be seen. Whether you choose to have one tattoo make up the sleeve, or choose to have multiple tattoos which are used together, there are a variety of options available when designing a tattoo sleeve.

While designing an arm tattoo, it is important to think about how far up the arm that the tattoo is going to reach. Is the arm tattoo going to cover the shoulder as well? While planning an arm tattoo, these are all aspects which should be taken into account to ensure that you are able to make the most of the tattoo that is being created.

Arm tattoos are more popular for men, than they are for women as men more than likely have a larger area that they are working with when it comes to designing the tattoo. The larger area can be an effective way to create a collage of artwork and a tattoo that can be created.

These types of tattoos can often not be completed in one sitting and therefore require multiple session for the work to become complete. In one session, the tattoo artist can complete the design and the outline of the tattoo and in the multiple sessions which can follow up, they can fill in the tattoo.