tattoo001 main Full Applying Lotion to Your New TattooWith every new tattoo, each artist will demonstrate and explain the importance of providing moisture to the tattoo. Lotion and moisturizers should be applied to the tattoo within hours after the tattoo has been completed on the skin and this area should be bandaged to allow for the healing of the tattoo and the absorption of the products which are being applied to the skin.

What happens if you allow the area where the tattoos were placed to dry? Allowing the area where the tattoo has been applied on the body to dry can lead to the tattoo peeling and therefore creating an uneven surface where the tattoo had been placed.

What types of lotions should you use to apply to the new tattoo to provide the area with the moisture that is needed? You should use various types of lotion to apply to the area. First, it is important to remember that you should use unscented lotion to ensure that there are no scents or allergies or irritations that are going to occur through the area where the tattoo was placed. You can apply these lotions between two to four hours after the tattoo has been completed to ensure that you get the best results.

The tattoo artist will often be able to recommend a specific product, or even provide you with a specific product to apply to the area to ensure that you have the best possible results once the skin has had the chance to heal.