Angel Wing Tattoo Angel Wing Tattoos on Girls Wrists The most popular location for people to choose angel wings tattooed on the body has changed. It used to be that this popular design was created on the back or the shoulder blades – now, more and more women are choosing to have a smaller version of this tattoo placed on the wrist.

The small and intricate designs that can be placed on the wrist can be a great way to get the results that you want from a small tattoo. The ornate design is sure to become a focal point and a beautiful image on the wrist that can be enjoyed and looked at while being noticed by others.

Angel wing tattoos are most often designed in dark ink without the use of color. This way, the graphic nature of the design can be easily seen through the tattoo that has been

completed and therefore can be a great way to avoid the distraction that comes with color being used in the tattoo.