Cherry Tattoos 1 The Attractive and Colorful Designs of Cherry TattoosA modern person has a variety of options to choose the right design of cherry tattoos. These tattoos are inked in a number of patterns and using different colors of ink. Some of the more common and popular version of these tattoos are inked by including one or two ripe red cherries with

a long stem or little leaf. In some of the western cultures, the cherries are interpreted as having some type of sexual overtones. At the same time, the Christians consider cherries as the fruit of paradise.

So in addition to the aesthetic

values of the various designs, a modern person can consider the meaning and symbolism associated with this version of cherry tattoos. Based on your personal interpretation, you can use the tattoos to express some personal attributes like sweetness, kindness, and goodness, or even associate the designs with lust, sexuality, fertility and , loss of innocence.

You can

even find many people who love cherries due to its sweet and delightful taste. According to the health experts, the fruit is very good for your health as a source of natural minerals and vitamins. As the color of the fruit and juice of the cherries are red in color, most of these tattoo designs are inked using red color. This is also of the most popular unisex versions of the body art that is equally popular among both men and women. You can even consider some of the more popular cherry tattoos inked with the cherry blossoms and flowers.

Tribal Cross Tattoo Express Your Religion and Spiritual Faith through Attractive Tribal Cross Tattoo DesignsThe tribal cross tattoo is one of the traditional forms of religious body art that is still popular among a large section of modern people. As the Christian Cross is accepted as a universal symbol or icon of religion, these designs are popular in different parts of the world. However, the history of the cross can be dated long back even before the implementation of written word. In some of the ancient cultures, cross was associated with a number of spiritual meanings including the seasons, the rising and setting of the sun and the union of the polarities.

The universal acceptability of the cross allows the modern people to include the symbol in various tattoo designs to express a wide range on meaning and symbolism. In addition to the traditional and tribal cross tattoo designs, you even have options to select from the modern versions of the religious tattoos. Many people even prefer to carry the tribal versions of the cross tattoos to express their family connection to the ancient tribe. These people pay homage and respect to their ancestors by carrying these tattoos on their body parts.

At the same time, a number of people still prefer to carry these designs without having any connection to the ancient tribe. They love to carry these tribal tattoo designs to express their respect and belief in what the tribe stands for. These tribal cross tattoos allow them to connect with the specific quality or message of the tribe. However, you can still find many people carrying these designs purely based on the aesthetic values of the attractive tattoo designs.

Frog Tattoos Carry Frog Tattoos to Represent Multiple Cultural BeliefsThe meaning and symbolism associated with the frog tattoos varies from one culture and region to another. In China these tattoos are considered as a symbol of good luck and Yin energy. Many Feng Shui practitioners recommend putting the frog images in the eastern window of your home to maintain a happy family life or encourage child birth. Similarly, the Japanese travelers love to carry frog images on their body as a good luck symbol. Traditionally, the tattoo designs with frogs were very much popular among the people and sailors undertaking a long voyage.

The Celtic people deemed frog as the lord over all the earth. As the animals were associated with water and cleansing rain, these people love to carry frog tattoos to represent curative or healing powers. On the other hand, the people belonging to the Western culture believed that the three stages of development in the animal life are the symbol of resurrection and spiritual evolution.

These tattoo designs also have a religious significance for the Christians as the symbol of the holy trinity and resurrection. Specific Christian groups

also love to carry the word FROG on their body parts to remind them to Fully Rely on God. So the meaning and symbolism associated with these tattoos based on a person’s belief, culture and religion. When you decide to carry a specific version of frog tattoos, you have options to convey a wide variety of meanings including luck, purity, rebirth, healing, fertility, renewal, opportunity, dreaming, metamorphosis and transitions.